Sunday, May 9, 2010

"We all need to get radical"

Hey - I didn't say it! Some p-o'ed person named Sara wrote the comment in response to the eminent domain article I mentioned yesterday. Here's an expanded snippet:
This has permitted corporate America - those private profit-driven companies that are the greed speeders of our world - to usurp the rights of the people. We all need to get radical, which requires actually a very conservative reading of the constitution, because corporate interests are driving this country in to the ground.
So, think about it. You work hard all your life to buy a home, fix it up, and keep all mechanicals running. New roof, new hot water heater, pest inspections, painting, yardwork, etc. Then someone decides they want, or need, to put a gas pipeline through your property and with some legal maneuvering - they're ripping up your front lawn and deep-sixing the value of your home along with it. How would you feel? What would you do? Do you think this can't happen to you?

Yes, it is time to get radical; just like these gents did over two centuries ago.


Fracked said...

Hello Renegade, just a quick note of support for your particular approach. I, too, am new to this war and am going to find a way to hurt them - maybe as a sniper. I wonder if the guy you met with is the same guy I'm hoping to meet with? Although located along the Delaware, I'm a life-long Pennsylvanian. Around 1750 my father's family settled in PA and one of my ancestors fought in Trenton and Princeton. I am beyond infuriated and saddened by what's happening. Please keep it up & take care - more to come.

Fracked said...

Hello again - to be very clear to whoever may be reading - I was using the word "sniper" figuratively - I think there are many ways to give them a kick in the butt - just look what Josh Fox has done - thanks

Renegade said...

FrackMan: No worries, I got your drift. There are a lot of very frustrated people out there. The oil industry is downright ruthle$$, and - unfortunately - most people just don't understand what it's going to take to slow this down. Speeches and letters to the editor are worthless at this point. Reality is, our state government is useless and needs to be overhauled. It can be done; check out what they just did in Flower Mound, TX. Keep in touch. And no sniping.