Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Standing Tall: F/U TransCanada

I'm hoping a significant percentage of those who frequently stop by weren't too shocked by the recent revelations about the good old U.S. of A. spying on its own citizens.  No surprise here. None.

My hats off to Edward Snowden for having the brass to blow the whistle on Big Brother. As the mainstream media's feeding frenzy continues to expand, it should be very interesting to watch our backpedalling and bungling bureaucrats put their damage control machinery into high gear.

And, sadly, many will believe what these clowns have to say. Let me guess: "It's for your own protection" - more or less.

Moving forward, as times and things progress, or regress as it were, expect to read more blogs and stories like this one about a landowner's fight against BIG OIL.

As I stated in my previous post, many out there understand it's only a matter of time before someone hits the wrong button on the wrong person. And as BIG OIL continues to wiz all over hard working Americans while our leaders elected officials cowards do nothing but look the other way and claim their hands are tied, crossing that line is truly inevitable.

Truthfully - I will be even less shocked when that unfortunate eventuality hits the wires. Saddened? Yes. But surprised? Hell no. Eavesdropping on private citizens is one thing. Silencing them is a whole new ballgame. Can't happen in 21st century America? Wait.

Looking at the photo on the Stand Tall blog of the TransCanada worker behind the video camera, I was oddly reminded of this scene from Saving Private Ryan.

Stand Tall, Julia.