Friday, December 30, 2011

Thermopylae 2012: Rtes. 187 & 6

If you didn’t get wind of this story yet, this guy is my new hero.
You gotta love it: the people at Range Resources were ignoring his township’s repeated requests to stop using a gravel road, and the DEP told the township it was in violation of erosion and sediment regulations on that same road, so Cogan House Township Supervisor Dan Roupp took matters into his own hands - grabbed a chain saw - and cut down a bunch of trees to block the gravel road to all natural gas truck traffic.

Sheriff Buford Pusser would be damn proud.
Yeah, he did kill some defenseless oxygen-producing trees, but considering what the natural gas industry is doing to our environment for generations to come, it’s an acceptable sacrifice to this blogger. Et tu, Dr. E?

Being cosmically inspired by his actions, I had the following epiphany. I’ve just come back from a few days hanging out in the Wysox area on Echo Beach Road. It seems the intersection of Rtes 187 and 6 is a pretty strategic crossroad. Put another way – a chokepoint. While grabbing coffee every morning at the corner market by the big sycamore tree, I counted hundreds of water tankers, dump trucks and other gas industry vehicles passing through this intersection in a matter of hours every   single   day.  
Following Mr.  Roupp’s lead, I’m sure everyone has or knows someone with an old clunker. You know - a car or tractor near end of life that still runs, but has a book value of negatory $300.00 and wouldn’t be missed should it get bumped a few times or hauled away. Imagine if we got 15 or 20 of these rust buckets together and they all just happened to sputter to a complete stop at the aforementioned intersection at the same time at let’s say, 0730h. Would chaos ensue? Would fracking come to a halt, if only for a few hours, while the cars were hauled away? Would someone get a message that we’ve finally had enough? Would others be inspired to take similar actions of targeted civil disobedience? You tell me.

Anyone in? Send me an e-mail. Once we hit 15 takers, it’s ON!



Saturday, December 24, 2011

Renegade Reborn

Thanks to my brother at FRACKED for posting this video. I just had a chance to view it for the first time.

After watching it twice, I simply ask: Are we all doing enough?

My brother, in whatever realm you travel, I am with you.



Saturday, December 17, 2011

SRBC Meeting Occupidiots: Unfortunate Sons

What a bunch of mindless, misinformed, moronic miscreants. And no, I'm not talking about the SRBC Commissioners.

When that sad excuse for a young man dropped the first f-bomb at the 12/15 meeting, I knew this public hearing wasn't going to stay on track for much longer. When that sadder excuse of a public servant chairperson adjourned the meeting, only to reconvene ( was that even legal? ) and vote on water withdrawals for their fellow bed mates in Corbett's Carnal Cabal, I knew any chance for calm to be restored was over.

I hope whoever brought these sad excuses for activists to this meeting is really, really proud of what they've accomplished. From what I saw, a lot of these young men and women have some really deep-seated problems, and truly need help.

Well, fear not, occupidiots, I bring you good tidings. Me and a few of my silver-locked friends have decided that a little reciprocity is in order. When we pick the time and place for our version of a Mic Check at one of your gatherings, we hope you have your Mommy & Daddy's phone number prominently listed on your iPhone or tattoed on your arm, provided there's any space left.

Enjoy your 15 minutes of fame - insignificant as it is. You're about to find out how much gas some of us refugees from the '60s still have left in our tanks. Payback - as they say - is a bitch.



Sunday, December 11, 2011

SRBC: Inappropriate Conduct?

Leave it to the Sentinel to ferret out the information in his latest post. Based upon my observations over the past few years, this guy:

  • hardly sleeps
  • is freakin' relentless in his opposition to fracking
  • knows more about the environmental "big picture" than most of the local experts combined
  • has connections I can't even fathom and that he will never disclose
  • will never give up
  • and, unfortunately, will probably end up like Karen Silkwood
Can't remember who it was, but someone recently called him a "one man wrecking crew" or something similar. I think that assessment falls a little short. If this guy did his environmental thing full-time, I have zero doubt we would all be in a different place right now.

Too bad.

Getting back to his latest post, I find it interesting that the Susquehanna River Basin Commission chose to change the language on their meeting notice  - with a week to go and little fanfare - to include the term "inappropriate conduct", because these are the same people that are approving just about every water withdrawal application submitted by the natural gas industry or just about anyone else wanting to jump on the Marcellus $hale bandwagon.

Considering the SRBC is facilitating the latest and perhaps greatest environmental rape of the Susquehanna's watershed, who are they to establish standards of  "appropriate conduct"?

I cannot wait for Thursday morning. Freedom of Speech will NEVER be more evident than at that place on that day.

Glory be.


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Show Me the Way

I don't know about you, but my view on the anti-fracking activism out there is that it's too fragmented and, in many cases, groups are working against each other. As someone I spoke with yesterday said in so many words; "I wanna say something, I just don't know what to say."

That person should join the group over at EID Marcellus. They'd fit right in.

I'm hearing some heavy hitters are coming to the SRBC meeting next Thursday in Wilkes-Barre. Should be an interesting public hearing. Hope you can make it.