Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Tunkhannock Triangle

I'm sure everyone's heard of the Bermuda Triangle. If you've read about it or seen any of the docudramas about that little patch of sea, you'll no doubt be familiar with one of the theories about what may be happening down there. You got it; methane bubbles - big enough to sink ships.

So now that the DCNR is allowing drilling for natural gas ( aka methane ) to take place under the Susquehanna River, well, you figure out the rest. Will paddlers ( and/or roughnecks ) begin to mysteriously disappear on the north branch of the Susquehanna in Bradford and Wyoming Counties? Not possible, you say?

I'd recommend keeping an eye on the north branch of the Susquehanna once drilling under the river begins. A very close watch. BTW, I'd also recommend not firing up a stogie while on the river.

Remember the Cuyahoga?


Fracked said...

I remember Cuyahoga - back then we stood up by the thousands - we were young and pissed off. The biggest turnout for the first Earth Day was right here in Phila - all of us young. We made a difference - even if it was only for 10 years or so.
Where are the young now? Where's pissed off now? Why aren't they organizing at all the PA colleges? Why haven't the Penn State students shut down Engelder and the cooperative extension? Why aren't they feeling our outrage? This puzzles me. They're doing better in NY. PA needs more young & much more pissed off. Keep it up!

Renegade said...

I think us old(er) rebels still have a little piss & vinegar left. The younger generation are too busy texting and doin' that Facebook thing. They need a wake-up call.

qazse.com said...

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