Saturday, May 8, 2010

How many ways can you say the word "DUMB"?

Seems our DCNR is so hard up for cash that they decided to sell drilling rights under the Susquehanna River in Bradford County.

And for only $6.15 million!

I've read several of the articles today, and I'm sure there are more to come. Here's the one that seems to be getting the most comments. I did find it interesting that only three people signed what appear to be their real names. What does that say about the other 12?  Wussies!

For the record, the comparison to what happened at the Knox Mine is a little bit of a stretch. Just the same, I truly hope the DEP, DCNR and Chesapeake have some really deep, well-hidden and well-stocked bunkers when the first major fish-kill or similar environmental slip-up occurs. I truly do.

They are f*(5in' with the wrong marine tributary. 

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