Tuesday, August 24, 2010

There WILL Be.....

   Imagine this. You've worked hard all your life. Weekends. Holidays. Long into the night.

You sacrificed to buy your first home. You've done without vacations and "things" so you could put your kids through college and give them a headstart on a better life.

Hold that thought.

Then one day, you get a certified letter from Laser Marcellus Gathering Company notifying you that they are planning to put a natural gas pipeline through your property, and that the commonwealth of Pennsylvania has given them the legal right to seize your land, if necessary, through the process of eminent domain.

Hold that thought as well.

This is about to happen right now. And we need to stop it.

If passed, I have no doubt a lot of people will soon be seeing red. None.

I've heard it before. I heard it at Gas Stock.

This is about to boil over and there appears to be nothing in play to stop it. Our legislators are useless.

My brothers and sisters...stand ready.



Marcellus Maguires said...

My brother, tell us when and where.

Fracked said...

Good word - Bedlam.
The beat is steady - and angry.