Friday, December 13, 2013

Dear DE(E)Pers: I Feel Your Pain

First: I appreciate everyone’s concern. I’m fine. As a matter of fact, I’m better than fine. I’ve been to mystic faraway places at every level of my being, and my bucket list has grown wings.  
Second: I hear ya – Loud and Clear. I am as stunned and disgusted as you are at the recent appointment of a fracking criminal justice lawyer to occupy the top spot at the DE(E)P. As much as I loved Rachel Carson and everything she did, it pains me to no end to see a building named in her honor so dishonored by recent events. E. Christopher Abruzzo is not qualified to lead the DE(E)P, and everyone knows it, including him. 

And finally: It’s only going to get worse. Trust me on that one.

As far as suggestions? Start leaking anything that could damage the good name – no, I’ll stop there and start over. Start leaking anything and everything that would bring to the light of day what you say is going on there to the media. If you want my recommendation: I and some fellow Renegades trust Laura Legere. Forget DG - and that’s based upon personal experience. Laura will dig deeper than anyone out there. Plus, she's kinda cute.

To my former co-workers: The further I get away from my days at the RCB, the less I want to hear anything from anyone about the absolute sad state of affairs – business or personal – at 400 Market Street. I miss you all, and I still love you all like brothers and sisters, but I did my time and for as long as I have left, I’m grazing in greener pastures. That’s figuratively, of course.

My opinion?  Take them all down.

In closing for today: To those that have walked with me and know me well, you will soon see the absolute wisdom of decisions made long ago in the haze of bygone days. Imagine the possibility that I knew then what I know now. Think about it.   



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