Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ragin' Against the Machine on the Streets of Philadelphia

Yep. I was there. So were between 800 and 900 other like-minded souls who've had enough of having the natural gas industry jammed down their collective gullets.

I didn't have any hi-tech crowd counting equipment with me, but I truly believe reports of 2,000+ marchers was just a little bit of a stretch. Either way, it was an impressive turnout.

Here are a few pics from the hundreds I took.

Now this crew below with the high-end cameras was interesting.
They seemed to be intently focused on taking pictures of people in the crowd. Wonder why?

Anyway, I have some friends in Nanticoke who need help putting their lives back together once the Susquehanna's floodwaters recede. I'll be getting muddy with them for the next week or so.



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