Friday, October 8, 2010

MSC Member Seneca Resources Paves Paradise

It just boggles my fracking mind that with all their expertise, with all their geologists, and with all their lofty pledges to be responsible corporate citizens, that Seneca Resources filled in an exceptional value wetland in Tioga State forest and were stupid enough to get caught.

FILLED IT IN!! Read more here.

And yes, Seneca Resources is a FULL MEMBER of the Marcellus Shale Coalition. Now remember, these are the same folks that recently issued the following pledge as part of their "Guiding Principles":
We implement state-of-the-art environmental protection across our operations;
The ink isn't even dry on their fracking pledge and they get caught filling in not only a wetland - but an exceptional value wetland to boot. And the DEP decided to fine them a hefty $40,000.00.

I mean seriously. $40,000? Did they say "ouch"?

And was it good for you, too, DEP?


If I was Governor of the commonwealth of Pennsylvania, I would have grabbed the keys to the biggest, most powerful piece of earth moving machinery I could find and proceeded to bulldoze Seneca Resources drilling pad into the stone age and then set my GPS for Canonsburg. I would have made Buford Pusser look like Mother Teresa. These people do not understand "nice", nor do they deserve it. 

People, the time for being "nice" is over. The natural gas industry is the environmental and sociopathic scourge of our generation. They are Satan incarnate, and when they get caught with their tails dangling in the breeze, which is happening with increasing frequency these days, they scurry away and cower in silence like all true frackophiles.

Hey - wait a minute.

Renegade for Governor?? Could you imagine that?

I like it.

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