Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The War of Words will Escalate

A clash between the state's environmental regulators and gas driller Cabot Oil and Gas Corp. over the cause and solution for contaminated water wells in Dimock Twp. escalated on Tuesday, with the Cabot CEO accusing the Department of Environmental Protection of waging "a public war against us."
It appears Cabot Oil & Gas Corp. has taken issue with Pennsylvania's DEP Secretary John Hanger. On that one matter, i.e. Mr. Hanger's overall performance, we are on the same page.

On everything else Cabot's CEO  Dan O. Dinges had to say, we differ significantly. What a whiner.

Read more about it here.  And here.

Since I have no doubt whatsoever that some clandestine unit buried deep within the bowels of our government is monitoring not only this blog but all electronic communications of the growing anti-drilling Marcellus Militia, I'll provide my fellow Americans traitors with a little tidbit for your next watchlist bulletin.

Read the title. Read the title. Read the title.
Got it?

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