Tuesday, May 4, 2010

P!ssed in Palookaville

There's a pretty important meeting tonight up in Wilkes-Barre, PA. I see there's a group that wants to gather outside the courthouse @ 6:30 to protest EnCana's request for a slew of zoning variances. My friends, it is time to take the gloves off.
These EnCana folks got their inch, now they're going for the jugular. Do you now finally realize what you are dealing with?

Where is our modern-day Joe Palooka?


Anonymous said...

Are you coming down tonight? Those "Wussies" you reference are a newly formed coalition of people who have put on several successful public education events so far, been to myriad meetings with officials, written innumerable letters to editors and others, been on tv, radio, started blogs, put up signs, and put our faces out in public. We are working on unique legal initiatives and continuing to try and rouse the public.

What do you want to bring to the table? Name calling is not going to get it done. I understand your frustration though. I'll be the old "hippie" in front of the courthouse tonight if you want to discuss further. Peace.

Renegade said...

Dear Herbie Hippie:

Okay, you are right. I could have chosen my post's title more carefully. For that, I blame EnCana. Going forward, if I have an issue with anyone, I'll name them outright instead of taking broad swipes. Fair enough? From what I've seen, your band of brothers ( & sisters ) are more active than most. However, I still think you are being too "nice". I'm not talking about breaking laws and such, I'm just talking about taking it right to the edge - NOW. For what it's worth, I've stood face to face with the Bakers and Bobacks of the world, and they are truly clueless and borderline useless on this whole drilling thing. Get that Dr. Tom to run against one of them. He's "got it."

Unless you feel otherwise inclined: truce.


qazse.com said...

The Gas Drilling Awareness Coalition is a melding of various viewpoints into one purpose. We are trying to put a stop to this gas drilling at various levels. Short term we are challenging the most recent zoning board rulings for Lehman,Lake,and Fairmount Townships. We have a long term strategy aimed at local ordinance change. Some other legal initiatives are in the works. We have a continuing lobbying effort and hope to increase focus on the federal scene. We believe that law will ultimately decide this matter.

We also believe that public opinion has forced politicians to educate themselves on the absurdities of this endeavor. More of them are now willing to entertain the notion of a moratorium. That was unthinkable and laughable only three months ago.

We attempt to educate the public as well as the politicos. We encourage and advise the public to lobby their reps.

We are now mounting a letter campaign to outreach to the unsigned.

We are also about to step up the yard sign, bumper sticker war - to continuously remind people there is a growing protest going on.

There are other things we want to get into (like film production) and will eventually get the help needed.

If you have some ideas to contribute we welcome them.

In forming this group, some of us have had to compromise. I am on the more radical end of the spectrum while others are much more conservative or pragmatic.

The coalition's blog is GDAcoalition.org. My own personal blogs are qazse.com and FrackMountain.com. The former is more my style, while FrackMountain has to wear many hats.

I tell you all this in order to educate you and your readers about what we are, and what we are not at this point in time.

I encourage you to complement our endeavors. You seem to be doing a great job at it. Your efforts will only improve from here.

I long for the day I can dedicate more time for blogging, reading other blogs, and other links. And how about some time for field trips and photography.

I think organizations such as GDAC are helpful to a citizen's movement. For example, they can raise funds, organize speaker and film events, show solidarity, demonstrate, educate, lobby, and more. GDAC has done all these things and is getting better at it. But it is only a part of this big synergy we call an insurrection.

I will be linking to you from FrackMountain and GDAc. Welcome to the fracking neighborhood.


Renegade said...


Did you say INSURRECTION? Count me in. From my viewpoint, I'm just another tool in the toolbox. I may need some clean-up and a little WD-40, but in the hands of a skilled mechanic - I can still get the job done.

Keep in touch.


qazse.com said...

I will keep in touch. If you are interested in any demonstrations or sign hangin's let me know. Hell, if you ever have any time to consult, could always use more input. I am off for a mini vaction. That means no computer. Got the kind that stays home. Best Regards!