Saturday, December 17, 2011

SRBC Meeting Occupidiots: Unfortunate Sons

What a bunch of mindless, misinformed, moronic miscreants. And no, I'm not talking about the SRBC Commissioners.

When that sad excuse for a young man dropped the first f-bomb at the 12/15 meeting, I knew this public hearing wasn't going to stay on track for much longer. When that sadder excuse of a public servant chairperson adjourned the meeting, only to reconvene ( was that even legal? ) and vote on water withdrawals for their fellow bed mates in Corbett's Carnal Cabal, I knew any chance for calm to be restored was over.

I hope whoever brought these sad excuses for activists to this meeting is really, really proud of what they've accomplished. From what I saw, a lot of these young men and women have some really deep-seated problems, and truly need help.

Well, fear not, occupidiots, I bring you good tidings. Me and a few of my silver-locked friends have decided that a little reciprocity is in order. When we pick the time and place for our version of a Mic Check at one of your gatherings, we hope you have your Mommy & Daddy's phone number prominently listed on your iPhone or tattoed on your arm, provided there's any space left.

Enjoy your 15 minutes of fame - insignificant as it is. You're about to find out how much gas some of us refugees from the '60s still have left in our tanks. Payback - as they say - is a bitch.



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