Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Who killed the frog: Halliburton or Cabot?

I tripped across this ad in an online newspaper.

Now, I believe everyone who has a private water-supply well in the MSZ ( Marcellus Shale Zone ) should have their water tested ASAP, especially in Luzerne County. However, these folks are taking the fear factor to a whole new level as far as commercial advertisements go. The ad itself sends a better anti-drilling message than most of the newer blogs that have sprung up as of late. Check out the slide show at the top of the ad.

I will say "hats-off" to the person that put this together. However, I think you crossed a few lines.

As is, I believe this one has potential lawsuit written all over it. I'd recommend pulling the pics with Halliburton and Cabot in them ASAP. The other photos are pretty powerful on their own. And the folks in Dimock should get a percentage of any profits derived from new business driven by this ad. To seek to profit from their misfortune is pretty low, even in my book.

Otherwise, I hope you gave the frog a proper burial.

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