Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bad Times for the Oil & Gas Industry...and wildlife.

In addition to this widely circulating post about someone being threatened by some hardcore ruffian-types at a drilling site in PA, I tripped across these pics this morning.

Of course, according to BP, environmental impacts are minimal.


Lisa said...

This issue makes me angry as hell. No, hotter than hell. Has man (real man that is. Not the kind that hide behind a dollar bill) lost his ability to stand up and fight to protect what keeps him and his family alive. It's not his job that keeps him alive. It's water. Once we screw that, and our "real" food source (not microwave pizza), we are dead. And we take everything down around us.

Lisa said...

Too, I'm loving it that more bloggers are bloggin about what is happening to the environment. Before the internet, and even now, there was no way for the good guys to get the truth out. The papers and news channels would only put out what they were paid to put out by big companies. Finally, real men have a voice and are not afraid to yell.

Renegade said...

Yelling will not be enough. With billion$ in the balance, BIG OIL will do whatever it takes. We can prevail, if we summon the will.