Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Lies, Lies and More Lies: EID Marcellus at its Best

I've taken a short yet long overdue break from posting, but I've been in almost constant touch with my like-minded bloggers while watching the natural gas industry continue to spin its web of lies.

One of the newest players in the game is the team of natural gas industry-funded bloggers puppets at Energy in Depth - Northeast Marcellus Initiative.

A recent post about the Susquehanna River caught my attention and that of a few others, especially this URL:

Now, nowhere - I repeat - nowhere in the Susquehanna's recent "Most Endangered" designation by American Rivers was the Susquehanna named as the dirtiest river in the country. Nowhere. And yet, this little princess very deftly but deliberately twisted and portrayed the well-deserved designation to be something it was not.  But, that's what she and her fellow teammates are paid to do. And to the uninformed, they do it very well.

After reading most of EID/NMI's posts, I liken them to pit bulls with no teeth. Or maybe chihuahuas. Or, perhaps, toy poodles with those cute little ribbons. Whatever. In the end, they follow the marching orders of the industry that funds them; to the page, paragraph and letter. Period. And if you don't see right through their message; you are as clueless as they are crafty. At my age, I've read just about every game plan out there, and their strategy is so laced with predictable chokepoints it's downright comical.

We're gonna have some fun with these newbies.

One final thought for the day: How is it that all this recent ruckus about Talisman Terry was posted on this blog over nine months ago? Could it be that I'm related to someone on the inside?

Up next: My opinion on the EID/NMI team and their modus operandi.


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