Sunday, January 16, 2011

Tom Corbett: The New Pied Piper of Harrisburg

As our incoming Governum-num puts together his cabinet prior to his inauguration on the 18th, I am not at all surprised by his selections. Lawyers with ties to the energy industry, lawyers I know personally whose firms contributed big bucks to his campaign coffers, and my favorite to date; a 36 year-old Energy Czar with a degree in political science and whose last position was a high level aide to PA's Environmental Antichrist - Senator Mary Jo White. I'm sure he'll do just fine, as long as he goosesteps beat and measure to the tune played by Toxic Tommy and the team he's assembled. 

My fellow Pennsylvanians, I am hearing the growing undertones of uncivil unrest starting to rumble throughout the commonwealth, and although my hearing hasn't been the best since my last Grand Funk RR concert, I believe we cyberscribes are on point. Tommy has gone after bloggers once before, and he immediately discovered he had waded into a whirlpool of quicksand with no bottom and no escape save an immediate retreat. With the international focus on the Marcellus play, the stakes are now higher and the pit is much deeper.

I'm sure as our new Pied Peeper Piper's plan becomes evident to all, the resultant deafening uproar will make the 1960's look like a fourth-grade slumber party at a parish school gym.

We should take comfort in knowing the world is watching.

I wouldn't miss this for all the guilt gelt in Canonsburg.


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