Monday, September 27, 2010

Marcellus Shale Golf, anyone?

Our DEP Secretary, the "Honorable" John Hanger, is a keynote speaker at a Marcellus Shale golf outing this week. Former Governor Tom Ridge will be there as well, along with bigwigs from the natural gas industry. I wonder if PSU's Dr. Terry Engelder was invited?

The whole concept of this gathering makes me want to choke and puke. The fact that our DEP Secretary is attending tells me he suffers from some very bad advice, doesn't care about the public's perception, is totally clueless, or is networking for a place to land in the event he gets canned when the new governor takes office.

I do find it interesting that the golf resort has absolutely no mention about this event on their online calendar. None. Guess they were afraid of a protest or possibly fomenting more dissent? Snakes; every last one of them.

However, I do like the concept of a shotgun start.


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